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he h could he be barred sere is back up and running at this hour. this comes after the evacuation of the city center station when witnesses reported hearing an explosion. b bac with bat we know that
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the cause was a motor overload which triggered an electoral short. when that happened there was a lot of smoke that filled this stairwell. it caused a lot of people to be very concerned about what was gone. officials tell me that this is happened before. it looks more dramatic and there really is. this pitch be assured posted to the internet which shows smoke covering the city center station. about 145 this afternoon police called pretty. passengers told it would not be stopping at civic center digital not today in. it's close off. is that there is no fire but a malfunction on the track which causes so. officials caused an overloaded and of the motor which triggered an electrical short digital the third well is the power in london also been touched it and then because she actual tracks.
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here's a look at the damaged left behind. a black and watt and a dent in the third well. one woman was treated for smoke inhalation and traffic was backed up eighth and market street corners close for an hour. to demonstrate is off the tracks and the inspected at a rail yard. services back to normal. the center station is back open and all trains are on time. this train that was affected was coming in from the east bay. i was actually on the following trade. once we got into a trance they too were stopped for about two minutes and it was that someone was born on at this station here. when not be stopping here and they were fixing those tracks. we stopped a couple more times in that to before we finally made it to the embarcadero station. authorities have temporarily
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suspended the search for a man who may have drowned in the napa river early this morning. investigators say two men were pushing in napa county just before 3:00 this morning. one of the men 260 jose had fallen into the water. a neighbor and get hit had heard splashing and yelling in spanish. those sounds faded after a few minutes. he was not a strong swimmer. he may be knew how to to stay afloat for a little while. you can hear me in their river calling for help and of one of performance as he drifted away. so far only a pair of tennis shoes have been set discovered during the search will resume tomorrow. the family friends are gathering to a missing teenager cellmark exactly six months to the day she was last seen. she disappeared on the way to her morgan hill high school on march
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16th. this week search crews announced that weekly search this is will to discontinue appeared in 21 rural men has been charged with the march murder after her dna was found in his car. it started here around 815 this morning when police tried to serve a warrant to the suspect for a violent crime. the suspect was standing at the motel after several ft spilled negotiations with negotiators swat team was called and offered back up. the suspect and they came out of his room. woman ended the war also one side during the standoff. the relationship to the suspect is also unclear. a 53 road man has been arrested in connection with the building crashed and killed two people and injured two others produce a he may have been under the influence of alcohol when piloting one of the two power
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boats involved in the collision. he is charged with manslaughter in the crash happened last night around 630 in yuba county. the names of the victims have not been released. police are still investigating the accident. protesters plan to be back on the street and several assistant to mark the one-year anniversary of the occupied wall street movement. it charged the former knick of america building on california street. has you know when the pastor we have watched lots of direct actions and against direct occupied. folks in and saying that the movement is in disarray did a small group of people here says his the movement is not in disarray and not going away. my vote doesn't count as the billions of dollars that are finding these elections that are coming from the finance years and that coming from the pockets of the 99%. and because of that
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size i can't do anything except to come here and occupied. and exercise my right to free speech and assembly. relatively few occupiers had shown up by 5:00 a.m. start time. or to going in for the planned overnight in canada. in a news release occupier say there tugging the bank of america center because it all causes of this is of the banking industry did she did. there's an in camera at since the mayor ordered them evicted from the embarcadero in january. in july see mrs marcos to berlin found the movement alive. the man has decided that this is a political demonstration in there for the police need to lay off. back in july, city citations
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are complete the been driven. and there were few at that time if any complaints. if we start of the complaints about the public officers will go out there. police officers here today are keeping a low profile but said if things did intense tomorrow when businesses return they may have to act. this group intends to be here over night for 24 hours only. the other sites around the city and area of our activists occupying the locations and also say they're not going away. law enforcement from across state gathered in fairfield today for a unique treaty they're a lot officers killed in the line of duty. today was the final day of the second annual fall officers shooting competition. just as capable as far as way as seven robber to pass third shooting speed and accuracy. the recent cuts of the
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canyon youngster was fresh on everyone's mind. this is an honor of officer of the loss of lives and a line of duty. the officers recently worked for the chp was a fearful residents. it gets close to home for us. a policy to be donated to fairfield the youth sports leagues. handsome pilot spent the day remembering the 11 people killed at the reno air races last year. the 10 victims who were sitting and box seats at the time of the crash. the pt one must infighter reach 530 mi. per hour before it slammed nose first been to the box seats. governor brown of makes another push to get voters to pass his tax increase proposal in november. the real dilemma for the president is that enough of
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those people bothered to show up and vote. the effort in these big to get rid,,
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gov. jim brown is hoping his tax increase proposal to pass in november. but if not he says he's prepared to live a frugal life. as evidence of that he says he 8 today old tuna sandwich for lunch this week. brown told the services the chronicle he plans to raise the million dollars. it can be seen as a worrisome message to some. some african-american clergy see no good can in the race for president. which one who was a mormon and another whose back same-sex marriage. the sunday at mount zion
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church in berkeley pittance some that means talk politics. i don't make recommendations by all the push is to make sure that the vote. the naacp is registering people here since the apathy of the season. in two dozen 8 obama 1 over 95 percent of black voters. and he's expected to win another majority again. he can afford to lose much of that voting base. the president recently came out in support of same-sex marriage. that's a touchy issue mitt romney as more money which once barred man from who were african american to and from becoming a priest. i believe what they can do the people, they can do to affect change in our nation is what's most important. this is about right this is
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about rights w r and cheats. most is just to get people to stop and think about what's really at stake. there's a lot riding on enthusiasm. the real dilemma of the president is if enough of those people bothered out to shop and vote. it did bother to make a difference. i think this to get excited because this is a real opportunity for the force to be heard. in berkeley and mackovic cbs five. gas prices have risen 5¢ in the past week recorded triple a the national price of gas is $3.87 a gallon is up 16¢ from a month ago prices normally starts to decline after labor day but a number of national and international factors have led to out uptake in the price of
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crude for out high. the german delta of the euro and the u. s refinery shutdowns due to hurricane i said. even find the best gas prices in your neighborhood on our online gastight. its new lease on life for sentences goes only outdoor shooting range. the san francisco chronicle reports this deadline for the pacific brought in gun club to vacate has been suspended indefinitely. the car was set to be evicted last month when it failed to set a new agreement with the city. will take aim on the we did forecast as things look very nice at least when viewed from the tri valley camp. as the sun sinks slowly and it was this numbers
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ahead and make sure this sunday in fact his was doing what is supposed to be doing. that is a beautiful shot. there's some high clouds and you have to come more to the coast for the loan clubs. the clubs are putting a little mist on the list. we had to a truce did that nevertheless reflected some more reading is out in the east bay would numbers reached almost 90 degrees. san francisco was only
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62 degrees. right now, could still at 82. what one has 61 at the airport. prices then rose a right now all in the '70s. little bit of a cooling trend. we will go in midweek warm-up after a couple days. lots of sunshine around the bay area. if you go and live it'll still be in the '80s just the low eighties instead of the upper 80s. the satellite map you can see what's happening out your good high pressure over the eastern pacific mean sunny weather for the bay area at the door tomorrow morning morning overcast for the coast. in fact you concede that he would if you watched the model the sunrise root but he appeared watch as it olcott pulled away from the shoreline and the result is mostly sunny skies tomorrow after the morning clouds. and
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the airport looks like we'll not be a problem and in fact for much of the country the numbers look good. five different cast were going to be looking for numbers to be in the '80s all week but in the low 80s in the beginning of the week. justices of the beach and so that's on the issue aside as we head into next week and things don't change much. contends in giants finished of sweets and inch closer to the playoffs. can the witness went up after the season opening up after the season opening loss. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. season-opening loss on that snaps. who after city and province seems significantly greater. games opened yet. he rolls out takes it to the happy end zone and the dolphins take a seven to nothing lead. late in the first pope and die and he had to come off. slink at of the backfield and their egos 64 got a touchdown run. guerrillas action to let this game tend to 7 at intermission. in the second half there was a different
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story. tell how many will dismiss them hit the oldest football his defenders for the 23 yd touchdown run. the funds go back to where to and feed the plant to which bush again. he follows his lead blocker and no one is going to touch him. two touchdowns and at one minute it 21 to 10. but what the dolphins said piling on at this point. nice headfirst in some of his career touchdown pass. atlantic the team dolphins. miami will still reduced to five to the team. halsey will react. did the a good job of executing. to pick up the matchups that they thought they might have had an advantage in and we have to go back to the drawing board. will look to see where we can improve
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for next week. when not at this a shocking the worst nightmare on dissent with execute better. we have to coach it and play better. we have to learn how to finish on offices of the game. to another rams have met since. three more touchdowns and two on the ground biggest see a yard but the redskins up points 6 and the second quarter. sen those battles back fourth quarter. -and often finds more again for the winning touchdown. the rams took the 128 when this didn't hit for 2 yds would of what it but the cardinals held assets 2218 over new england. 2437. just come back on dry land
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giants win the 41 to 34. but the attention to a staff of the offense is mike wallace great catch the had the ft and the steelers went 27 to 10. the coming to open next weekend. the form that is the mines are plan would not. will the full coverage of 1130. top of the first to run shot the movie is the to do nothing of the. that's his 29th of the year. a second home run of the game orioles when 95 in the not too good on baltimore. for the american league's first wild-card spot the his arm. the rose from three back of the rangers in the west.
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the giants finish this week in arizona. off the center field wall that scores to and diamondbacks attitude to one lead. bottom of the fourth tied it to. that is going to clear the business into the for the pitcher. diamondbacks when the giants lead in the west remains at 7 1/2 games. of course he will see loses to stanford last night at stanford goes from 21st in the country down to no. 9. the jump 12 spots. the coach will join us at 1130. who took over for lucky imagine issues yet to fill. he then had great numbers last night but he got the winning touchdown when they had to have it. the defense was outstanding. i think that was a
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game changer for stanford a good team or a lot of confidence. the reason that somebody for your contract. so this is not going to turn around this season? in the don't have the talent. good coaches can only do so much. ,,
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